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Meet Jen, an extraordinary SUP Yoga Teacher at Desert Lotus, whose lifelong dedication to yoga and vibrant spirit make her classes truly special. Jen's yoga journey began at the young age of 15, and her passion for the practice has only deepened over the years. In 2011, she completed her 500-hour Advanced Studies & Teacher Training at Yoga Pura, solidifying her expertise in guiding others on their yoga path.


Jen's connection with Desert Lotus goes beyond being a student – it became her sanctuary, a place where she discovered profound transformation. Inspired by her own journey, she decided to share her love for yoga by becoming a teacher at our studio. Her vibrant energy, deep understanding of the practice, and nurturing approach create a welcoming space for students to explore and thrive.


When she's not guiding yoga sessions, Jen works as a full-time histologist, showcasing her dedication to both the healing arts and science. Yoga and a healthy lifestyle have been instrumental in Jen's personal wellness journey, providing her with physical and mental balance and respite from chronic illness. Her own experiences make her uniquely attuned to the needs and challenges of others on similar paths, and she is passionate about helping them find their own sense of well-being.


Jen's zest for life extends beyond the yoga mat. She cherishes quality time with her loving husband, daughter, and their playful dog, Oliver. As a true embodiment of creativity, she also expresses herself through modeling and performing as a mermaid, adding a touch of magic and enchantment to her vibrant life.


Join Jen on the paddleboard, where her expertise, compassion, and zest for life merge to create an unforgettable SUP yoga experience. Together, we'll discover the transformative power of yoga, foster a sense of community, and embrace the joy of living fully.

Lotus SUP Yoga Teacher

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