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Tips for Thriving in the "New Normal" as the COVID-19 Pandemic Subsides

With vaccines being rolled out worldwide, it seems the end of the COVID-19 pandemic may be in sight. Whether you are still socially distancing or are already resuming life as usual in the "new normal," this is a pivotal moment. Seize the opportunity to shake off the pandemic's negative effects and invest some time and effort into looking and feeling your best. If you're ready to inject some fun and fitness into your life, check out Desert Lotus Paddle Boards. This guide further provides some ideas to help you get started.

Start eliminating pandemic stress by getting proactive about mental health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been mentally challenging. Watching a global public health crisis unfold — a situation you can't control — may have left you feeling stressed. According to research published in the Consortium Psychiatricum, people have reported mental health issues including insomnia, anxiety, and depressive symptoms — on top of emotions like anger, fear, and denial. Take this time to regain control over your mental health. If you are struggling with stress, look into relaxation techniques such as meditation. You can also seek mental health support at more affordable rates via telemedicine platforms like BetterHelp.

Adapt your diet to foster physical andmental health.

Give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain optimal function and stay healthy. Nutritious eating also fosters a healthy weight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Aim for a balanced mix of whole grains, lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy. Your diet can also enhance mental well-being in this time of change. Foodies Today reveals that certain foods are actually shown to help ease depression symptoms. Examples include avocados, walnuts, dark berries, and yogurt.

Put away your old pandemic wardrobe.

You likely spent more time than usual at home throughout the pandemic. If you're fed up with the same old sweatpants or leggings, consider a wardrobe upgrade. Davy Piper offers comfortable yet stylish gear, from bras and tanks to loungewear. Whether you're looking for new fitness outfits to get back to the gym or want pajamas to continue hanging at home, there's sure to be something to suit your style. When shopping for bras, consider opting for models without underwires, which tend to be more comfortable.

Look for new, fun ways to stay fit.

According to Healthline, people in the United States ended up indulging in a more sedentary lifestyle throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven't been very active in recent months, it's time to make a change. A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of various illnesses, from diabetes to heart disease. Not feeling motivated? Consider trying a totally different activity, like paddleboarding. Desert Lotus Paddle Boards offers innovative classes, like BoardFit and SUP yoga. This sort of alternative workout may appeal to you more than simply running on a treadmill.

Get the motivation you need.

Even if you logically know what steps to take to look and feel your best, finding the motivation to make changes like those described above isn't always easy. Consider working with a professional to stay motivated. You can find wellness services experts via work-for-hire platforms like Upwork. Whether you need a nutritionist or want a fitness coach, there is a diversity of experts to choose from. You can sort through them based on specialty, reviews, cost, and more.

The above tips can help you regain your mental and physical well-being as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Be patient with yourself as you implement these changes. Very Well Health reveals that these kinds of events can result in collective trauma — a unique type of trauma that is shared by a large group of people. You've been through a lot. It's time to show yourself some love.

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