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Opening Weekend

We were honored to have the WWP (Wounded Warrior Project) come out and join us for some paddleboard yoga on our opening weekend. It was a blast filled with fun, excitement, and plenty of spills. The group was new to paddleboarding and yoga. Was the water cold? Did they fall in the water? The answer is yes to all of the above!

About Wounded Warrior Project

This non-profit organization is a charity and veterans service organization that offers various programs, services, and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001. They help families of veterans reconnect through events that support family bonding and transitional skills. By providing the space and time for veterans to spend time with their loved ones, the transition from service member to civilian gets that much easier. Through their veteran family support programs, Wounded Warrior Project also helps guide families through the sometimes confusing process of receiving VA benefits.

Thank you, WWP, for coming out. We are grateful for you and loved your energy!

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